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Revised Posting Rules 9/06


1. Use an lj-cut for LONG entries
2. Use an lj-cut before any type of spoiler!
3. Use an lj-cut for large pictures.
4. Be respectful to all skaters and members when you post

The Infamous Photo Use Rules

1. Please don't copy entire articles or scan whole magazine articles and post them. Links to articles and magazine scans are fine.
2. Photographers. We've contacted many of them and below is the list of photographers and their responses. Please try to follow their wishes.
~Leah Adams: Response Pending.
~Jay Adeff: Permission to use photos. He says thanks for asking.
~Kathleen Bangs: Any photos can be used for avatars/icons. Please ask before using photos on a separate website or in a banner. Photos and banners should be credited.
~Brett Barden: We can use the photos, but please credit Brett Barden and Skate Today.
~Nigel Barker: DO NOT USE. His agent says "I would like to compliment you on your request to use the images. We have had to take legal action against others who have taken the images and posted them on their sites without our permission. It is a credit to your high standards that you followed the proper channels and requested permission."
~Sarah Brannen: Permission to use photos. She says anything is fine as long as you're being respectful of Johnny.
~Kemo: Response Pending.
~Monica Friedlander: Permission to use photos in the community. Please mention a photo credit for the use of larger size photos.
~J. Barry Mittan: Permission to use the photos as long as you're using non-commercially. See rules at
~Johnny Weir: Please use Johnny's personal photos with the utmost respect.
As you may notice, most them are very happy to let us use their photos, but please do them a favor and give credit where it's due! If a photographer isn't on this list, use your best judgement. We're all very thankful for the pieces of Johnny they share with us. :)

Useful info:
Lj-cut: < lj-cut text="Title or whatever" > Your text < /lj-cut > (Without the spaces between the first and last characters and the <>'s)
HTML link: < a href="" > Title of link < /a > (Without the spaces between the first and last characters and the <>'s)
HTML image tag: < img src="http://www.imagelocation.jpg" > (Without the spaces between the first and last characters and the <>'s)