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It's Just Johnny

Johnny Weir Admirers

It's Just Johnny: Johnny Weir Admirers
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For the love of Johnny...

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2008 World Bronze Medalist
2004, 2005 and 2006 US Men's Figure Skating Champion

So you've seen Johnny Weir skate, or maybe you haven't, but you'll soon find out he's an amazing guy. He has everything from a great life perspective to three national gold medals. And here's a place where we can celebrate him for who he is... just Johnny. Or in his words, "It's just me."

Medal Count:
Gold ~ 2001 World Junior Championships
Silver ~ 2003 Finlandia Trophy
Gold ~ 2004 United States National Championships
Bronze ~ 2004 Marshall's World Figure Skating Challenge
Gold ~ 2004 NHK Trophy
Gold ~ 2004 Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire
Silver ~ 2004 Cup of Russia
Gold ~ 2005 United States National Championships
Silver ~ 2005 Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating Challenge
Bronze ~ 2005 Cup of Russia
Gold ~ 2006 United States National Championships
Bronze ~ 2006 Skate Canada
Silver ~ 2006 Cup of Russia
Bronze ~ 2007 United States National Championships
Gold ~ 2007 Cup of China
Gold ~ 2007 Cup of Russia
Silver ~ 2008 United States National Championships (244.77 tie)
Bronze ~ 2008 World Championships
Silver ~ 2008 Skate America
Silver ~ 2008 NHK Trophy
Bronze ~ 2008 Grand Prix Final
Silver ~ 2009 NHK Trophy
Bronze ~ 2009 Grand Prix Final
Bronze ~ 2010 United States National Championships


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